Franchise Program Information

The Franchise Market, a Few Statistics.

The Canadian Business Franchise Magazine listed the following statistics regarding franchises.

1.      Canadian Franchises sell over $100 billion worth of products and services every year, making Canada the second largest franchise market in the world (after the U. S.). 

2.      It’s estimated that nearly half of every dollar spent in a Canadian retail outlet is spent in a franchise.

3.      A record 1.5 million Canadians are now employed by a franchise. 

4.      More than 4,300 new franchise outlets open in Canada each year. 

5.      92% of new franchises pass the critical first five years - a rate nearly four times higher than independent business. 

6.      There are 76,000 franchise outlets in Canada from 1,300 individual franchise systems. 

7.      The average franchise investment in Canada is $ 166,000. 

8.      86% of the franchises opened in Canada within the last five years are still under the same ownership.

Why Choose the Great Canadian Oil Change

  • Solid earnings proven by the success of our franchisees.
  • Growing brand name recognition.
  • The most contemporary "Drive through" oil change building in the world, an "all-glass" design allowing clear visibility of other tenants. The unique building design was developed independently, costing half of our competitors buildings.
  • Great Canadian Oil Change commands respect by being environmentally friendly. All oil and waste products are safely contained and disposed of according to Government regulations.
  • Over 20 years of franchise growth.
  • Excellent franchise system support.
  • 100% success rate.

What Your Franchise Fee Buys You

  1. Real estate and site selection - Lease negotiations.
  2. Use of a complete set of oil change operating equipment.
  3. All negotiations with the petroleum company and filter company.
  4. Project management to include setup, new design, painting, signage, installation of equipment and placement of stock.
  5. Assistance in locating and hiring opening staff.
  6. Training of management and opening staff.
  7. Assistance with Grand Opening start-up advertising.
  8. Suggestions as to the implementation of further "Profit Centers.
  9. Arranging leasing of a pole sign.
  10. Availability of Great Canadian Oil Change designed Invoices, Uniforms and Hats. Coupons, Window and Door Stickers etc.
  11. Great Canadian Oil Change Custom Computer Program.
  12. Corporate Franchise Manual is provided.
  13. Employees' Manual is provided.
  14. CAA Membership.

What Your On-Going Royalty Fee Buys You

  • Constant on-going advice and assistance as to advertising methods and day-to day operational concerns.
  • Negotiations with suppliers to ensure lower than average wholesale prices due to the buying power of the franchise.
  • Advertising materials and systems.
  • Credit card costs at corporate rates.
  • Commercial account referrals and methods.

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