A Great Opportunity.

At the Great Canadian Oil Change we believe that a franchise is a partnership in success. It is a team effort between yourself, your employees and us, the franchisor.

Our vision will bring us to being one of the top two quick oil change outlets in Canada. We will accomplish this together by living up to our philosophy...

We will not be undersold

No matter how low our price is we will not compromise our service
or quality

As a franchisee, the products, the services, the demeanour of your employees, the quality of your coffee, these are all components of the whole success of our organization. When your customer travels in our country, the reception he gets at other outlets will be consistent and of the same high standard that he gets at home. Your commitment to the vision is the key ingredient to your, and our other franchisee's success.

It's Our Duty to Your Car!

since 1978

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Oil Change in 10 Minutes or Less!